2jacobI have been blogging for a LONG time now. Almost six years. I even had blogs before this one but messed up the html coding and had to start all over (the way it used to be before they got the drag and drop system) Blogging was all new to  me, and at the time I only knew a handful of friends who even blogged. I am glad they introduced me to it!


It's been quite a while. I knew this day would come. I am not prepared for this at all. The way blogger works is that you're allowed 1 gigabyte of space - and I've reached my max lol. It won't let me add any more photos :(

So, I have 3 options:

I can pay yearly to stick with blogger - how about noooo

I can use my flickr account to host my pictures. (I already use flickr for my photography business). I had to do this option for this post and my previous post. It's fine for some things but it really is a LOT more work having to upload pictures two different times. Once in flickr and then into my blog.

The great thing with flickr is that it keeps the full quality and size of the photo. Blogger uses downsized low quality resolution. I LOVE flickr. There are thousands of photographer help pages, you can meet other photographers, learn what settings they use on their camera, and how to achieve certain effects, you can even purchase your prints via flickr and SO much more.

I will have to continue to use flickr for now.

third option,

I can switch to Wordpress that gives you 3 times as many gigabytes. You can read here on some advantages of Wordpress vs Blogger.

This is what I have decided to do. I don't know when, but once I figure out how to transfer everything I will direct you to the new url - yes I am thinking of another url again haha. 

My first was A Mom's Love - actually, I think I had one before that with Ryan's name in it


Shanilie Moments

and now...... I guess we'll see. What do you think? I'm not that attached to either of the previous two but I do want something with my name in it......maybe even just shanilie.

I'll keep you posted. Since I am making the switch I am also going to have to switch my photography site. It's also under this blogger account but wordpress allows flash photos and blogger doesn't and I can eventually have my own domain name. Until then, here are a few pictures from my very first post on this blog.


Jacob at one year old


Mrs. Stam said...

Really they have a limit I didn't know that!!!!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I typically upload my pictures in photobucket and then copy the code in blogger. I've never looked into wordpress, but I know many of the hardcore bloggers use it. as for a new name, can't help you there, but I'm sure you'll find something that works for you

Shanilie said...

Renee - yes, though it takes mannnyy photos and many years to fill so you should be good for a while.

Lori": I have maxed my photobucket as well. So I've just decided to keep using flickr instead of paying for blogger or photobucket. Flickr is so handy for photographers.

Melissa said...

I think there is a way to automatically forward your followers to your new URL. Not sure how to do it but I've followed blogs that have moved and I never had to do anything to get to their new page.

Good Luck!

Richard said...


These pictures of Jacob remind me a little of Avery ;)

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