This will be just a quick little post seeing as I haven't blogged for the last week or so.

My parents came out for a visit this last week. They flew in from NS and had a whirlwind of a time. Our days were filled with sledding, swimming, ice - skating, snow fort making, and a lot more. It's always a lot of fun and the boys get spoiled.

I love that the public pool is only 10 minutes away. We go quite often, and haven't been going as much since Cole was born. But now we hope to start up again.

There are a ton of other photos I will probably add later this week. I am just getting over a chest cold and ready for a nap. Thank goodness for 2 boys who sleep at the same time giving me a few minutes of quiet time. Napping is almost non existent for me this last year and a half, so it is always a treat when it does happen.

Riley is my water baby. He isn't cautious one bit. He has had less experience as Jacob and yet has no reservations. He was putting his head under, kicking his legs and not clingy at all. Jacob used to be a vice. :) Jacob spent his time going down the water slide over and over again.

Come summer Jacob will be back to taking swimming lessons. I am sure he will fly through his level this year.


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