Reading Program


Since the new semester of school began, the kindergarten students started a reading program. They come home with a sheet of paper with 15 new words every time and they have to know them all by sight. Words like:

See, we, this, you, go, the, and, here, said, can is, like.

There are many basic words they are expected to know. When they have learned them all they send him home with another sheet to learn. They encourage reading together at home - which we have always done every night since Jacob was born.

They have a form sent home and he has to fill it with 10 books he can read all on his own. Also, they go to the library and bring home a book that they have to learn. I think the reading program is GREAT! Jacob is loving it and does whatever he can to hurry the process. All he wants is to fill each form as fast as he can, bringing up piles of books saying I can read these too. You can see the effort he puts into it. I am so glad he has a love for reading. We hope to take him to Chapters as a gift for all of his hard work.

We also have a Word Whammer that was given to us last year - just like new. He loves making 3 letter words with it.

*You can see it up on the fridge as well as his reading chart (the green sheet of paper)

He posed for this picture all on his own lol. I can hardly take pictures of Jacob without him making some funny pose. hehe He's showing off his muscles ;)


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

sounds like he is developing a great love of reading and learning. that is great!

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