New Poll: Date Night


I wanted to ask my readers how often you go on dates. (How many times per month) The poll is anonymous.

I am curious. I know with young kids it is more difficult to get out often. It could be the smallest of activities......

Anything that you do without the kids. Whether it be as little as getting groceries, coffee, going for a walk or drive, or as big as dinner or movie. Anything you consider to be a 'date' with your special someone.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the post, besides maybe the title, but there is a new movie available for rent with Steve Carell called Date Night. It is quite funny. Though, just to warn you........ I admit, there is language, and inappropriate scenes. Rated PG 13.

I will leave the poll on the top/right of my sidebar for the next week or so. I'd also be open to some date ideas. (bowling, mini-golf.....What do you like to do?)

Ryan and I had a fantastic date last night. First time in months. We didn't do a whole lot and we didn't have to spend much. We just enjoyed each others company and shared an appetizer of no over eating either lol.


Drea said...

we use to go once a month, or at least try to, sometimes more - but since owen we havent been out alone once LOL - unless you count short visitations to church members homes. Owens crazy attached to me so im scared to leave him... Also our sitter we normally use has been dealing w/ some health trouble, so she hasnt been available like she use to be. My mom obviously couldnt watch the kids either, shes 5 hrs away.

So as of lately, not often :) but before Owen at least one a month - I think couples need at least that! if not more.

We hope after Owen turns 1 to leave him some and hopefully our sitter will be better by then, if not we may seek someone else...

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I wish we had one a month, but we are lucky to have one every 2 or 3 months

connie said...

We rarely have a "date nite"~sadly, maybe once/twice a YEAR :( We talk about it often tho that we need to make it possible~at least once monthly.

I've been wanting to see that movie (Date Night). Maybe we can rent it one weekend & watch it after the boys go to bed ;)

Cait said...

Sorry to skew your results Shan, I may have voted 3 times..... once for 3 and twice for 4. Teehee, not that it is false, that's probably about right for me... considering I actually have 2 dates tomorrow; lunch date/watching Canada Games Judo with a guy friend and then supper and movie with the guy I am dating. I am glad to be single and 21...ish! :D
Love you!

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