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Lets face it. Everyone's busy. Maintaining a home is a full time job. With school events, church activities, sports, spending quality time with family members, husband, children, time with God, work and so much more. It can be a chore to do it all. It takes time and energy to keep a home running peacefully and harmoniously. I found this Home Journal idea on youtube. There were several. I haven't heard of such a thing before, but as soon as I saw it, I knew this was #1 one my project list.

What projects/crafts are you currently working on?

I started a 'CRAFTS' list on the mid/bottom section of my right sidebar. This was inspired by a fellow friend and blogger – Drea. I love to do crafts of any kind – sewing, crocheting, cross-stitch, scrapbooking....the possibilities are endless. I have a few of the projects listed started but I will not blog about them until the project has been completed, then I will cross each off.

Anyone who knows me knows I like to be organized. I am always making very detailed lists. Lists for what I need to do each day, who I need to call or visit, and making grocery lists. I have little pieces of paper scattered all over the place. I collected everything into one home planning notebook and although it does initially take a big chunk of your time gathering everything together, it does save time in the long run. So much more peaceful :)

My tabs are:
To Do

Here is a peek into my home planning organizer.

Looking for printable pages for your organizer? Take a look at the links below:
Spring Planning Pages - A free download of spring planning pages. (This is where I got most of mine)

Weekly Chore Checklist - Free printable pages for managing the home.

The Intentional Planner - This one costs $5 for TONS of miscellaneous printable daily planner pages. Including bible study pages.

Home Management  - Free download of several pages. Including Contacts, birthday list, and a master to do list.

Passionate Homemaking - This site doesn't have many available pages, I used it mostly as a reference. She has a gorgeous Home Planning Organizer that inspired me to make mine. She also lists a few other helpful resources. I'm just showing you the resources I used.

Do you have any ideas or resources on becoming more organized with a home planner?


Nicole Auld said...

Shanilie--this looks AMAZING. I am jealous you are almost done with your binder--but of course it will be a work in progress.

Doug said...

I have been using a home organizing binder for awhile and love how everything is in one spot. I also have a section for school related stuff and a budget one. Once I'm home full time I want to start utilizing the cleaning/chore one again. Also a weekly menu plan which I haven't been doing lately.

Great idea on including devotion type stuff, I'll have to add that to mine.

Good job, I hope that it continues to work for you.


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