Dating Poll Update


Thanks to all who voted on my dating poll. Makes me want to find another topic and add a new poll to my sidebar again soon.

One flaw with my dating poll was my choices. After people started voting I realized that maybe the numbers we set a little too high. Most of my readers go on dates every couple of month, but what I did was went up from one. (1-4 times per month.) Maybe I should have put as options:

Once a month
Every 4-6 weeks

Every 6-8 weeks etc. 

9 out of the 11 votes were one per month so the main thing is most of us are all in the same boat. My goal for the upcoming months is to try and have some time with Ryan without the kids at least once a month. As much as I enjoy sitting in front of the tv together after the kids are in bed, I think it is still good to do things outside of the home.

Thanks for all the dating ideas!

Going for a walk
Scenic Drive
Sharing a sundae
Going out for a coffee

Or check 101 Ideas for a fun date.

I hope this has inspired everyone to try to spend a little more time together with their special someone.

Picture above taken with Ryan at Prov's Christmas banquet. (2002)


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