100th Day of School


Jacob celebrates his 100th day of school today. I have been hearing of schools all over acknowledging this day and didn't realize that Jacob's school did too. Plus, I haven't been counting so I had no idea that it was today until his teacher sent home a notice.

The kindergarten class is making a '100 Day Soup' where each of the students bring a snack with 100 pieces. His teacher suggested things like Smarties, raisins, marshmallows, pretzels, fish crackers etc.... We chose Smarties. Then we had the fun of counting out 100. Who knew counting could be so fun!

I am glad Jacob is excited and that he can have a special day acknowledging all his hard work. As Jacob says "I've been at school lots of days." Thank goodness he doesn't know to the fullest extent just how many more he has to do hehe. But he enjoys it. He is looking forward to mixing his smarties in the 100 day soup. I can imagine it will be a pretty big bowl filled with lots of goodies.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

the 100th day is always so much fun in kindergarten. I bet he has a blast

connie said...

It looks like Jacob was having fun counting! I hope his 100th day of school was wonderful.

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