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I was going to ask if you could tell which one was Cole and which was Riley, but since they were taken with two very different cameras it is clear which one is Cole. Plus, you know that Riley has brown eyes and Cole has blue eyes lol

I only have good things to say about Nikon, especially their lenses - Best in my books. I specifically love my Nikon D90. Not having to hold a bunch of different gadgets and having one thing to hold for both taking pictures AND being able to take short video clips of the kids in HD is so handy. I will write a longer post on why I love my camera for another day.

With having two boys so close together they share clothes, toys......and Bumbo Seats :) Pretty much everything. Cole has been growing like a weed and is now into more of Riley's old clothes. He was sitting in the Bumbo this morning wearing the exact outfit as a picture I took last year of Riley. It wasn't even planned.

Deja vu

Cole                                                                  Riley

I still find that Cole looks more like Jacob did at that age, but I've been seeing a lot of Riley too. All three are too cute so I can't really compare. The funny thing is that Cole is 6 months in this picture and Riley was 4 months!!!!


Mrs. Stam said...

Oh my do they ever look alike!!!

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