Back in the fall Jacob had a school magazine fundraiser. Ryan and I chose Highlights. I am glad we can do this for Jacob, and it really was the most affordable choice compared to other magazines.

When I was young I got a Highlights magazine every month. I just loved it! .....if I remember correctly, I think Ryan also got this magazine when he was little. It is filled with stories, craft ideas, recipes, and hidden pictures - that was one of my favorites.


It is a great motivator and learning tool for helping kids learn to read and recognize familiar words. Jacob's kindergarten class has started a reading program. They get to take a short book home with them and when they have learned to read it cover to cover we sign and date his reading chart, then they give out another book. He is whizzing through. I want to start a reward system for every level of reading he goes up, he'll get a small gift. I have friends who do this and said it works really well, so I decided to do it as well.


Mrs. Stam said...

kids love to learn so much, isn't it fun! Our challenge is to make learning "fun" and "interesting" so they will always have a good attitude toward it!!!!

Debbie said...

Magazines are so great for kids! Mine always loved the fact that a new one came every month.

Joanne Skelhorn said...

Yes, this is a great magazine. Save them, remember how much we used to use them for projects too.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that is a great magazine. I remember reading them at the dentist office growing up

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