Over the years I have had several pets. Cats, dogs, rabbits, my sister   had a hedgehog, hermit crab, goat, sheep, chickens....quite a lot.    Though I don't know if a chicken could be considered a pet if it was    later used as food.

Anywayyyy lol

I hope to do this one day with our family. We can't right now with    where we are currently living, plus I would like to wait till the boys are    older and can appreciate it more. By then they can learn    responsibilities, enjoy walks with the dog, or even have a companion.

There are so many good reasons to own a pet. It really does initiate    more family time together. Currently we just have a fish tank....that I    LOVE!

Check this link for all the benefits of owning an aquarium

We used to have Mollies, Tetras and Guppies. I thought a variety of    fish would be nice. Later on we decided to just have Guppies. We    have had hundreds of little guppy fry born in our tank. Many we have    kept,    and many we sent back to the store with their return policy.

We have always had an Algae Eater. I grew really attached to this    guy. Sadly - he didn't have a name. Over time he got so big for the    tank we had to take him back.....I'm assuming it was a male. It was good   timing too, because when we took him in there was a customer looking    to buy a large one and there wasn't any available in the size they wanted and instantly fell in love with mine.

I'll have to open up my own little fish store:) jk.

I love the bubble machine. It makes it prettier, entertains the fish, and gives more oxygen


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

we talked about getting a fish tank for Christmas but the variables was more than we could pull off, but it is in the plans for some day soon. I love pets!

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