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Ever since Cole turned six months, we have started introducing solids. We started with rice cereal, then barley and now oats. He is doing SO well. I am hoping to start trying him with a few vegetables by the end of the week 

I have always had a love of baby food making. I find it looks, tastes and smells so much better that the jars you buy at the grocery store. I made pureed vegetables for my first two boys. Now it's Cole's turn.

Not only is it quick, it  is cost effective! I can buy one large squash and it makes several ice cube trays. Babies start out eating one cube at a time so it lasts and lasts. A jar of baby food is almost $1! You get barely 2T of food. You can buy a large squash for a dollar more and it makes TONS.

Media bufferIt's not hard.

What I use:

  • Magic Bullet for pureeing
  • Pot for boiling vegetables
  • Spatulas
  • Strainer
  • Freezer bags
  • Ice Cube trays
I find the most difficult part (time consuming) is the peeling/chopping
of the vegetables.
Really, boiling a vegetable isn't that hard lol.

Come meal time you grab 1-3 cubes and defrost in the microwave for about 1 minute.

This is a list of what I hope to make:
Sweet potato
Green beans
Roasted red pepper

I introduce one at a time and  wait 3 days to make sure there isn't a reaction. As he gets older I hope to add rice, lentils and other meats to make combination foods. Then I will start thinking about adding fruits.
I am quite excited to get started! The exciting thing is that we now have a freezer! A little apartment sized one that tucks in our dining area without taking too much room. Can't wait to stock it :)
* I will take a bunch of photos when I'm finished to show you what I come up with. 

Here are a few good online resources:
Wholesome Baby Food

Age-by-age Feeding Guide
Simple Pureed Baby Food Recipes


Mrs. Stam said...

we do our own food too, I love the picture, what beautiful eyes!!!

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