Color Shifters


One car changed from blue to brown and the other changed from green to white

As you all know, Jacob's biggest love has always been trains. No other toy we have ever bought for him has brought the same excitement. This is a close second. It was kind of funny timing too. A few weeks ago I was talking with Ryan about playing with color changing cars when I was young and how sad it was that a lot of the toys we had 'way back when' aren't being made anymore.

So I checked e-bay and found a few that were WAY more $ than I was willing to pay for. Especially for one little dinky car.

Then, that EXACT same day I was browsing the toy section of the Superstore with a friend and there they were staring right at me for $2! I didn't even know they were even available.

I had to grab a for each of the boys lol. Jacob has been playing with them constantly. In the kitchen sink, bathtub, and separate bowls. He has a little piggy bank where he is saving up to buy another one :) Every time he sees pennies kicking around he'll put it in his bank. We also give him small change occasionally when he helps around the house. It is fun teaching him about managing his $ haha.


Mrs. Stam said...

I like this toy :-) we have dolls, princess, cute all pink and bows and frill over here, but I wouldn't mind cars and truck and trackers!!!! Lord willing we will have a boy, in God's timing !!!

Connie said...

I've seen those in WalMart here but haven't had much $ to get some lately. Will have to put that on my to do list for Kendall as soon as possible ;) Jacob is such a cutie & is growing so much! Tell him "Aunt Connie" says hello :) (& hello to all of you as well :) )

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