Cole - 6 Months



I am just going to go ahead and say


To my youngest. I'd say half a year old is quite a milestone. Cole turned six months on the eighth.

It still feels just like yesterday I first held you in my arms, wondering how in the world I was going to add another one to the mix. Three boys. All who are so unique.

Not only just in their looks, but in their personality. Cole's personality comes out more and more. In his laughter, in the expressions of his eyes. He tracks SO well. You can just see him taking everything in around him. He pulls himself over to whatever Jacob and Riley are doing. It looks like he wants to join in.
He is almost holding the bottle himself - woohoo!! He still gets up once at night anytime between 1-3. I can't wait till he can make it to 6:00AM. 
Now it's time to start solids!! I barely just did this with Riley less than a year ago and I still have to re-learn everything. All I know is that I am going to start with some rice cereal. I have one where you just add water, then another that you can add breast milk or formula. Then I get to start making a variety of pureed vegetables. Can't wait! I have always loved making home made baby food. The store bought food in the jar just doesn't look, taste or smell appealing and it really adds up! 
I will write a future post on what all I will be making.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

can't believe he is already 6 months. crazy!

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