Biggest Loser


I have never heard of this before other than the television show - which I LOVE to watch. So when one of my University Prov. friends said they were looking for a Facebook group I was immediately interested. No, it's not the show lol.

It is a group of men and women striving to make healthier choices. Supporting one and other in reaching our goals. It is an 18 week period where we send in our goals and each week respond our progress. Don't worry, it's all confidential if you want it to be.

Another one of my Prov. friends Erica put together a Biggest Loser Blog where all the contestants have the opportunity to write about their journey along the way. A place to share success stories, encouragement, or even share a few healthy recipes. So, today is the start date. I'm SO excited!

If you're interested, feel free to talk to Andrea or Erica via their Facebook page for more info. 


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