Christmas Day


 Jacob's main gift was his scooter

Riley's favorite was the stuffed dog

Jacob is the only one who had any clue what was going on.  The other two are definitely a little young. Jacob keeps a calendar next to his bed and every morning he would cross off a day. He did that for the whole month of Dec. and never forget a day, it was the first thing he wanted to do when he woke up.

I thought he might get too excited to sleep (like I did when I was young) but I guess he is still a little young yet, considering he just turned five. Everyone slept till 7:00am.
Riley was enthralled with everything, and as I expected, he went straight towards the large stuffed dog. He is my most rambunctious boy, but also the most cuddly boy and loves squishing soft animals... but never one quite as big as the one that was under the tree. 

We took our time, then we Skyped with my family so it took several hours to finish everything. Plus, Riley and Cole didn't seem interested in unwrapping more than one thing. Jacob was only too happy to help.

Cole - My little elf apprentice

Before the kids woke up


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