Cole Is 5 Months


I can't get over the fact that Cole is already FIVE months!

It is going by way to fast. I wish it would slow down. This is one of my many favorite ages, but I do wish I could have a full nights sleep some day. With having children so close together I haven't had that for almost 3 years. I had a hard time sleeping while I was pregnant too.
Cole has already reached several milestone these last few short months. There are so many he will soon hit as well.

Here are a few:
He is rolling on his belly then back onto his back.

He is putting his legs up under his chest and moving himself forward. I can see him crawling within the next month or so.

He doesn't have any teeth so far, but lately he has been in discomfort and drooling a LOT so I imagine his first tooth will pop through very soon.

He still only drinks one 4oz bottle at a time. Jacob was my only baby who drank out of 8oz bottles....I wonder why it is different? You'd think there would be a standard ammt for all. Though, I think it may be because his bottle nipples were fast flow and Riley and Cole prefer taking their time with slow/medium flow.

He hasn't eaten any solids yet. I want to wait till Cole turns 6 months. He still loves his soother, and is the only one of my three boys who takes one. I didn't bother trying to re-introduce it to them months later.

Cole is very vocal
Laughs so loudly
Loves his red and white barbel rattle
Lays on the floor pulling himself to wherever Jacob and Riley are.
He is in size 2 diapers

Some days I wonder if each of my children all get the same ammt of cuddles and attention each day, but I like to take the time and spend it with all three of them at the same time because some times one-on-one time gets to be challenging. Jacob goes off to school and I spend most of my time with Riley while Cole is napping, then Cole gets lots of hugs and cuddles when he gets up for a bum change and bottle. So I think it is all working out quite well.


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