I know it seems as though i have been making a lot of comparisons between each of my boys. I love them all completely -their similarities - and their differences. I find it enjoyable to make note of it all. As you all have read before Riley is quite feisty. Maybe it's because being one of the younger siblings?

Whatever the reason, I like to think he was born this way ;) Jacob has always been the cautious, serious, sensitive boy. When he was little, a stern look or a firm no was all he needed to stop whatever he shouldn't have been doing. But Riley, if you take him away from something he shouldn't be doing he will laugh. He finds it funny when I get serious. I have to hold back laughter sometimes because I find it so amusing. I hear myself saying 'ta ta' allllll the time. I think he just gets so excited sometimes that he gets all fired up and plays quite rough with Jacob.

So far there is no sibling rivalry to speak of and Jacob is quite understanding that Riley is learning and that being older does carry responsibilities to look after and teach the younger ones. I am SO glad my boys love each other and love others. It is when they start playing with others who haven't learned that, that makes me want to be really careful who they hang out with. There are a lot of bully's out there. And while I can't protect them from them all, I will do what I can to monitor and limit contact. Some kids just don't play nice - and it's a realllllyyyy big peeve of mine and something most moms feel when their children are being hurt. Like a lion protecting their young.

Jacob was fine when this picture was taken. He just gets tired of having to smile for a million pictures :) The picture to the left really says it all lol


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad your boys are getting along well... and just think if their personalities were the same they probably would butt heads even more

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