Throwback Thursday - The Blog & Me


..... yes, it is true. We are not one and the same.

The blog will only ever be a picture of what we choose to show others.

A lot has changed since I started blogging in 2006. I lived in NS and wanted my family 4 provinces away in MB to have a way to see Jacob's growth and development. Since I moved back to MB my blog now offers the same benefit for my family back east. But it quickly became more than that.

I have met so many wonderful people through blogging. Moms, photographers, teachers, other Christians and the list goes on. When I started blogging in 2006 I started joining blogrolls, groups, Friday Follow, Blog Hops etc.... you get the picture. I wanted numbers. I would spend hours a day visiting other blogs, commenting, - doing whatever I could - and it worked! It was amazing how fast it could consume my time. But with Ryan at school, it was the perfect hobby.

I love how we bond with people with the same interests - environmentally friendly moms, cloth -diapering moms, photographers, hobbies & crafts, weight loss blogs, there are groups of people who home school, some who don't, some who vaccinate, some who don't, some who breastfeed, some who don't, some who don't shower, most who do (yes it's true!) :) - really, you can find any number of eccentric and not so eccentric people who can agree with you on almost anything. People tend to flock to those who agree on the same things, and if you think some bloggers are a little 'far out' you accept peoples differences.

I don't lean too much on any one hobby, I sort of dabble in a little of everything. I love to be eco-friendly, but yes, I admit there are days I do not recycle, days when I have to use Pine Sol because I love the smell so much and no natural cleaner will give me the same scent satisfaction. Sometimes I use cloth diapers, some days I use disposables. Some days I use the baby carrier, other days I use a stroller.....

Since 2006 the way I blog has changed a lot. I don't spend hours a day following hundreds of others. I don't really spend much time at all on my blog anymore. I will make a post that takes about 10-15 mins max to type and load pictures (always in the morning when the kids are napping) and that's it. Then when Ryan gets home at 4 we spend all that time together as a family. We go for a walk to the park every day as soon as he gets home, eat supper together, clean together, read a book together, tuck the kids in bed together. All the boys go to bed by 7:30pm and then it is time for Ryan and I. We both desire us-time every day. We go to bed by 8:30PM every day.

I still have my close blogger friends who I email and follow on Facebook regularly. Many of whom I have met and more I hope to meet some day. I will never win the Pulitzer Prize on most followers or most interesting posts, but I will always be filled with joy looking back on the posts of my ever growing family & recording their milestones - where we've been & how we've grown - me especially. I am filled with joy at the people I have met, I am filled with joy of the things I have learned, I am filled with joy that because of my close friends and blogger friends I was encouraged to open my own photography business.....something I would have never had the courage to do before, and joy watching the business grow.

My blog may not look like much to others, but to me, it is my own masterpiece.

About the 3 men in my life who I love more than anything!

Who knows where my blog will be as my boys grow - or if it will still be around. Before you know it I will be posting about their grade 12 graduation.  Till then, my focus will always be real life - not my blog life. But I will enjoy the ride with those who have viewed my blog from the beginning, and those I have met and will continue to meet along the way.


Susan Tipton said...

I like this post. I was just discussing with my husband about why I blog- and how that has changed over time. I especially like you comment about it being "your own masterpiece."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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