Fall Colors


I love fall. I would like to be able to pick a favorite season, but fall and spring are really tied for first. The colors of the changing leaves are gorgeous - but the blooms in spring are breathtaking as well.  The only trouble with these 2 seasons is that you never know if you're going to need summer clothes, or a winter jacket and hats and mitts. Just yesterday was +20C but a couple days earlier it was hovering around 0 and we were all bundled up.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

so cute. looks like he is having fun hanging out in the leaves

Mom et al said...

Fall in New England is my favorite time of year. But you're right about the fashion choices we northerners must face. I never know how to dress my kids each day!

Anonymous said...

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Shanilie said...

I think so. If what you mean is to follow this blog you will have to go to your dashboard and add the bloglist gadget and enter my url. Or just click follow on the right hand side of my page. What is your url?

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