Cole - 2 Months


Cole had his 2 month needles on Friday. He did really well. It went so fast that he cried only for a minute after the last one was done. I am so glad he is young enough that he doesn't remember times like these. They get their last needles at 18 months and by then they know what that needle is going to do! My doctor said a few people don't start till later then and it ends up being so much more difficult to do. Plus, I find it difficult watching as they get older. Thankfully Ryan is always there with us.

He now weighs 13 lbs. He checked out average in all of the measurements. Right on track!

Still happy and content. He lets you know when he is hungry, at least with my kids they only ever fussed when they wanted more to eat.

He started seeping till 5!! I was so glad.....the only drawback is that we all get up at 6:00AM so it doesn't leave much time to feed, then go back to sleep.

He is smiling all the time, my most smiley baby at that age. He is starting to coo. I love listening to his baby sounds. Still uses his soother, still loves being swaddled in his miracle blanket and loves when we sing to him.

He has very strong neck muscles and is already pushing his body up. So far his eyes are still very blue. Riley's and Jacob's were like that for months, then gradually turned brown like their dad's. I am hoping Cole's stay blue because then at least one of my boys will have blue eyes like me. But I am convinced it will change over time.

Some people say he looks just like Jacob did at that age - and I agree. Others think he looks like Riley. I guess he is a mix of both......but I still think he is a Jacob clone.


Jenny said...

Oh, he's just so cute and squishable!

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