All Set For School


On Saturday we went into Winnipeg to get the last few school things for Jacob. The school sent a list of things that he will need for kindergarten. Things such as - a bookbag to hold 10x13 sized paper, glue sticks, white soled, non-marking sneakers and all sorts of other things. It was SO FUN! I remembered all the fond memories I had as a kid getting all my school supplies and organizing everything in my book bag. Everything was all new and exciting.

We wanted to make it a special day just for Jacob. So, we dropped Riley and Cole off to be babysat and off we went. I don't think Jacob has had a day out with us by himself in a LONG time. We went to McDonalds for lunch then to WalMart for most of our list.

While we were eating lunch Jacob says out of the blue "I miss my brothers". It made me melt. It's like he knew they should have been with us too. I am glad he feels that way.

Both Jacob and Ryan were trying on clothes on in the change room. Jacob would jump out of his stall with a huge smile on his face saying how much he liked his outfits. He really enjoyed the day, acting all grown up doing whatever Ryan and I did.

Here are a few pictures of Jacob showing his new things.

He made the funniest poses.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like he is all set and ready to go

Maureen said...

Too funny, he knows how to work the camera!

Maureen said...

Too funny, he knows how to work the camera!

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