1st Day of School


Jacob had a fabulous first day of school. Well, morning anyway. They only go till lunch time. I had to get a picture of him standing at the end of the driveway.....even though we didn't have to wait for any bus. I am SO glad he is close enough that we can walk over together.

The classroom is filled with a bunch of fun activities, toys and tables. It reminded me of his pre-school but even better. I can't imagine him not having this opportunity. Kindergarten is so much fun and he gets the social aspect as well, and will be able to make friends.

He wasn't nervous one bit. We were the first ones to arrive and the teacher showed him where to put his indoor shoes, where to hang his jacket and book bag. The parents go on the first day as well, so I got to watch him get everything sorted.

I look forward to seeing all that he will be learning in the months ahead.

Surprisingly enough I didn't feel too choked up about it. More just amazed that my baby is in school, but mostly I am really excited for Jacob. He has been excited to start school for a long time and I know it will be so great for him. Then the other side of me was cheering WOOHOO!!!!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like LOTS of fun things to do in his class. I never heard of having separate indoor shoes, even when I taught up in MA with the snow the kids just brought shoes on days they wore boots. wonder what the thought is?

Maureen said...

He looks very happy to be starting school! What a big milestone for you guys!

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