The Meeting Place


Here they are again sitting at their meeting place. Jacob has been reading level one books for a while now, and learns more and more every day. As a special treat we buy him levels one through three Thomas, Cars, and other themed books.

All on his own he will sit and read with Riley. I love running across the house to grab the camera for some funny happening. Those are the best and turn out better than anything I could pose them for. It always bring a smile to my face.

Riley even opens the book and pretends he's reading. The cutest little gibberish. He also has the cutest bunch of baby curls in the back of his blond head. (I'll post a pic of that too).

You can see Riley's hair blowing from the air in the vent. Who knew a breeze could be so fun.

Ever since Jacob was born it has always been our bedtime routine to read a book after teeth are brushed.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

so cute. and what better way to encourage readers then to get them reading to each other

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