A Little Friend


We went to the lake yesterday. The temperatures have been SO warm and in the 30's. It is surprising how even with three kids it doesn't seem more difficult going places. It is one more car seat to buckle, but that's about it. I am so glad I can go out without it feeling like too much of an exhausting chore.

While we were there Jacob found a little friend. He didn't seem scared at all. In fact he wanted to keep the little
leach on his finger. When he started to pull at it and it didn't come off he found it funny and waved it in front of me. I DO NOT like leaches, and tried my hardest not to flip out. I didn't want him to get scared, so I just smiled and said cute. hehe

This all happened in a matter of seconds so it didn't stay on his finger long. Just long enough for me to capture a picture, then I got Ryan to deal with it and take it off his finger


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

yuck! I can't imagine trying to get 3 in the car at once. no thank you

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