Cole - 1 Month


Actually, Cole is 6 weeks, but I wanted to get the update in before he turns 2 months.
Cole eats really well - every 3-4 hours. We put him to bed after his last feeding at 10PM then he will sleep till 2-3AM. It isn't too bad, but I am SO ready to sleep longer stretches. In a couple more months I am sure I won't have to do the night feeding. After his night feeding he usually sleeps till 6 or 7AM. He still sleeps in our room at the end of our bed.

I am loving how he smiles at everyone. He is so observant and tracks really well with his eyes.

Cole is the only one of my three boys that absolutely loves his soother. Jacob and Riley wouldn't touch it as hard as I tried. It would just pop out. I find them helpful, but not when I have to keep putting it in his mouth when it falls out. I figure it is better than ending up sucking his thumb till he is 8 like I did.

He has been such a joy and wonderful little addition to this family. He is filling out more and more, gradually looking less infant-like. I will find out on his 2 month needle appt. how much he weighs.


Jenny said...

okay, I feel like an idiot! I totally missed that you had the baby! Congratulations!!! He is a doll!

Kel said...

He is so adorable! Congrats on baby #3.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I'm sure you are glad that he likes his pacifier at times. He it too cute

Debbie said...

What a little angel. No wonder you are so proud!

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