Brotherly Love


Jacob and Riley are like glue to each other. They both do everything together. This is one of their common play areas. They love to sit on top of the register and feel the air blow. They were there again last night right before bed time.

I have several pictures of Jacob and Riley just hanging out over the living room register. I am sure things may change as they get older, but for now I am loving how much they adore each other.

As you can see a bunch of fir needles are piled up beside them.....leftovers from our Christmas tree last year lol. I guess a few fell inside the vent and blew out.


Andrea said...

Those are adorable pictures of them! :) Before you know it there'll be three boys sitting on the register! :)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

too cute isn't it funny the things they find amusing?

Maureen said...

I can't believe how much Riley has grown!

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