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As you all know we tossed around a ton of baby name ideas. In the end we finally decided we wanted a one syllable name. A name that could tie all three of our sons names together.

Cole : It is middle English and means 'people of victory' It is a short form of Nicholas (which we also considered but figured people would call him Nick for short rather than Cole)

Plus it sounds great with Jacob and Riley. I also just noticed Cole has the co in Jacob and the le in Riley.

Of all 8 of the boys names that we chose for our sons, Cole is the only one that doesn't have a family tie to it. We love baby names with meaning. We made up for it with our middle names.

Grayson: My family has several generations of girls names/middle names with the name Grace. Including my mom and myself. I figured if I ever had a girl that Grace would be her middle name. So we decided to use the male form.

Henry: Ryan's dads middle name is Henry and we knew right from the beginning we wanted Cole to have the middle name Henry. Ryan's great-grandfather also had the first name Henry.

If you're interested you can look back and also read the meaning of:

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Carrie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) He is absolutely adorable, and what a special, beautiful name! :)

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