Has one year really passed by so quickly? It just can't be!! I am still amazed that Riley is one already. People have asked me how it has been going from one child to two and I can honestly say I find 2 SO much easier. Whether it's because I had 5 years to practice with Jacob, maturing, or just so ready to be a mom again. Who knows. To me, I have found the transition wonderful.

Here are a few updates about Riley:

- He sleeps through the night and wakes up at around 6am almost every morning.
- He says a ton of words: mama, dada, w
ow, uh oh, night night, hi, yes, all done. I am sure there are more, but he loves to imitate what he hears.
- He is almost walking. He can stand on his own and has even taken one step forward.....before deciding to sit back down. He is cuddly, clingy at times, a little shy of most people. Every day I am getting to know him and his unique personality e
ven more.

He looks up to and adores Jacob. They pl
ay peek-a-boo often, trains, really anything and everything Riley wants to keep up.

I can't imagine life before having him. It is like he's always been here.

We love you Riley! You have brought an incredible amount of joy to our lives this last year and we are so thankful that God has blessed us with such a beautiful, happy & healthy son!!
You have just melted our hearts in so many ways….

I cant even express what a blessing you were and have been to this family.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

Happy 1st birthday to your middle man.

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Riley! I bet he's going to make an awesome big brother too!

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