Tenting In The Backyard


Ryan, Jacob and I all spent Wed. & Thurs. night camping
out in our backyard. Jacob has been asking to go camping and I figured we had better do it now before the baby comes. Who knows how busy things will get this summer. Plus, I can't picture healing from a c-section on the floor of a tent.

We set up the baby monitor up so we could hear Riley in case he woke up through the night. I find you have to camp out more than one night because the first day is always more work with setting up and the by the second day you can enjoy it more.

It was a really great temperature out and only needed one blanket. Not too hot, not too cold. We spent out time telling stories and eating snacks together. We are hoping to do this again at least one more time in June, as it might be our last chance.


Maureen said...

Looks like fun! Glad you're pregnant body can handle sleeping on the ground, I don't think that mine could have. Sleeping was always so uncomfortable when I was pregnant.

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