Photography Site Up!


With looking after two boys and a third on the way, I have been blogging very little. Most of my free time has been invested in getting my photography site launched and spreading the word. It is in the VERY beginning stages but I am excited to have come this far and to be able to share it with all of my fellow bloggers!

Click on the logo above to visit my site. Feel free to give any suggestions or feedback and constructive criticism. I am still working on expanding my portfolio. Lots more to come later this summer!

I would LOVE if my blog viewers would become a FAN of mine on Facebook.

Click on the following link or search SHANILIE PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook and click 'like' button. There you will see all of my work updated regularly, learn the latest discounts and specials.


Brandi said...

Just checked it out - very nice! I love your logo! Good luck in your new business venture!

Maureen said...

Wow! You're really talented! I love the photo of Jacob running down the hill that you have at top. Did you do something special to make the clouds look like that?

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