Saying Good Bye To Mr. Snow Man


The sun is shining, the snow is beginning to melt, and for the first time since the winter began it feels like spring is on the way! The rest of the week are above zero days. Which means - melting point!

We all have been thoroughly enjoying our daily family walks together. The fresh air and exercise does wonders for all of us.

But.... in a few short months we will be preparing for walks for 3 kids. Which means our stroller situation needs a bit of help. We will definitely need to have a 2 seater stroller.

Ryan and I have been looking at several different ones, and want one that will last for the next couple of years. Jacob was in his up until we had Riley, then we got a new one. I was considering getting a 2 seater stroller then, but I figured Jacob would be driving a bicycle.

We are looking for a side-by-side stroller. I don't want to fiddle with leaning over, trying to fuss with buckles. Also, with most front-to-back strollers one seat is usually made for older kids and one for younger. But since my 2 kids will be barely a year apart, I would like the same size seat for the both of them.

In the beginning I will most likely be wearing a baby wrap when the baby is really little.

I currently have a three wheel stroller. The wheels are large, it is SO easy to maneuver. The stroller was made by the same manufacturers who made the BMX bicycle. I guess it is more a stroller made for joggers, or made for uneven trails. If I can find a two seater in the similar style as this, i'll be all set.

I have absolutely no experience with 2 seater strollers. Have any of you had any experience with them? What features do you like/dislike? Any suggestions?

We have also considered getting a 2 seater side-by-side stroller that can attach and disattach from the back of a bicycle. We are all hoping to bike around as a family and then we can attach a two seater behind Ryan's bike.....oh the choices haha.

Here are the two styles:

Till then, we will say good bye to our snowy days and look forward with anticipation to more of our family walks.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I'm sure you will be so ready for the warm weather. just think next year you will have 3 to dress in winter clothes every time you leave the house

Sara said...

Cute, cute pictures!! experience here with double strollers yet. Although I have heard that the Bumbleride is incredible! Expensive. But worth every penny from what I've been told.

S.L.N. said...

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) And I gotta tell you I love that red stroller- we always had KoolStop- or Kool Stride ones- they're ergonomically correct (if I spelled that right) and they handle turn etc. really well- I had two different single ones and one double one throughout my days with 3 young ones. Anyway, happy shopping :-)

Stam House said...

was thinking about this last night!!!! funny that I came across this post today!

With 3 little one age 3 and under I can't figure how we are going to be able to take walks!!!

I can't trust Rebekah to walk beside me on the street yet!!!! and I tried babywearing and pushing a stroller. and it's work better to have Rebekah on my back and Sarah in the stroller cause it was to uncomfortable to wear Sarah on my front and push the stroller (arms were not long enough LOL)

So I think our only option would be to get a double stroller and wear Sarah or Rebekah on my back in a ERGO carrier!???

I guess I have to build some muscle before baby #3 comes!!!! Or they sure will get a work out after!!!

PS Harry works long hours so the option of him joining us for a walk is not doable!!! That is too bad cause could save me some trouble hehe!

Hoping that I would be stuck inside all summer long that would be a bummer!!!

Ameya said...

Thought of you- check out this giveaway.. free is always good! :)

Carrie said...

I won a Kolcraft Contours Options stroller, and I think it's neat b/c you can face either seat either way, or use your infant car seat with it - I would totally buy it! But honestly, Natalie is 2 mos. old and I haven't even used it yet, b/c I wear her everywhere, so I would go with the wrap! :)

Stacey said...

If you do get a Chariot or some kind of bike trailer, you wouldn't be able to use it with your newborn anyway. It's not recommended before one year of age. I would go with the stroller for sure!

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