Puppet Show


I'll write a quick little blurb about my prenatal appointment Tues. Overall it went well. I got the results from my blood tests. They were all normal. Thankfully they were all great with all three pregnancies. Weight, still about the same.

The ultra sound was a lot of fun. They never get old. Everything looks great. Though, there still was a little part of me that was concerned as to why I had to come back especially since I only had one ultra sound with my last 2 pregnancies. You never know what they can see. But it was all good, and we got to see that it still was definitely a BOY! I couldn't help but ask again....... just to be sure haha.

Onto other things.....

Making the sock puppets was a TON of fun. Jacob has been asking ever since several times already today about making more. He decided to make a dragon and a dog. At first it seemed as though the fabric glue was like water and wasn't sticking at all. But after I let them sit out to dry for about 30-60 mins, the decorations stuck on REALLY well. I was pleasantly surprised.

Here is a little puppet show for your enjoyment:


Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

I love the puppet show. My 2 yr old grandson would love this, 'cept I think he'd make me get in the box!
Thanks for visiting the other day. Hey, if I can help with your nursery in any way, let me know. If you want to paint something yourself, I'd be happy to come up w/some tutorials for you. But w/2 little busy boys, that might be interesting! Don't know how you do it!

Jenny said...

How cute!
So happy to hear that all is well with your pregnancy. Such a wonderful time! What a miracle!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad things are going smoothly with your itty bitty. what a cute puppet show!

Carolina Girl said...

Love thepuppet show.

Glad to hear new baby is growing and doing fine. Always such a relief ot hear isn't it.

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