Cloth Diapers


Riley out grew his size small diapers SO FAST!

We had to go out and purchase a few new size medium diapers. I have always preferred the velcro tabbed cloth diapers, but these snaps are SO easy to handle. There were several colors to choose from, so we got the blue, brown, red and orange. I hope to go back and get a few more colors.

Who knew using cloth diapers could be so exciting!

I decided to post this after the fact for any who were wondering what kind of diaper this is. It is a one size duo pocket diaper. It will take you from 7 to 35lbs. Right through potty training time!

Check out more about where I got them here:


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

stop by my blog I gave you a virtual Easter Basket

Stacey said...

So cute! What kind of diaper is he wearing?

Shanilie said...

I got them from a local lady selling diapers from:

I got the one size duo. It is a pocket diaper so I got a few hemp liners to go in with it.

Are they part of your collection as well? It is my first experience with pocket diapers.

Melissa said...

Cutie!! I love buying new diapers:)

I get all mine from Abby's Lane online. She is super nice and has free shipping.

Most all we use are One Size pockets. That way you don't have to keep buying more everytime they grow.

Keira said...

Those are awesome! My sister-in-law uses those kind for her kids.

Stacey said...

I don't have any AMP diapers, but I've heard great things about them! I sell AppleCheeks which is also a Canadian made pocket diaper. It comes in two sizes instead of one. I'm glad you're enjoying cloth diapering! I'm having a lot of fun with it this time around too :)

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