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I have a follow up ultrasound appointment today. I also have my monthly prenatal appointment today as well. I was going to re-schedule the Dr. appointment, but I don't want Ryan to have to take any more days off work than he has to. Then this evening I am going to a boys birthday party with Jacob THEN after that there is a ladies get together once the kids are in bed for games/food etc.

I love getting out, but I just get tired so easily when I am pregnant. I won't go on to tell you all of the things I have on my calendar for the next few weeks, but there is something almost every day/night. I think I am going to have to find ways to get less busy. That would have to first start with me saying no to things - which I can't do. I know, something I really need to work on.

It is difficult finding a balance in everything. When I lived in the middle of no where I would vomit after a long car ride anywhere, so we honestly didn't get out much. Then people said I should get out more.
Now people are telling me I should take it easy, to take care of myself. How getting ready to have three children must be the worst thing on the planet. Arggg! It seems as though no matter what I do it will always be looked at with judgment and criticism. When I was small, I was too small. When I got too big I was raising more alarm. I will not worry about what others think.

I am very happy, healthy, and VERY EXCITED to have three children no matter what chaos comes from having 2 children close together. Yes, there are days where I have terrible heartburn, back pain, sleepless nights, and complete exhaustion. But I love my life where it is. I wouldn't have it any other way. So people are really wasting their time and emotions concerning themselves in things they can not control or change.
My children will be grown and moved out some day, so till then I am here to savor the present. I rarely ever unload on my blog, but I felt like I had to today. When I read blogs where everything is perfect all the time I know there is a lot they are leaving out. I hope that I can post more about my feelings, even the not so good ones, a little more often. It feels SO good writing about my feelings. I always admire other bloggers who are able to write everything that is on their minds.

I will post an update from my prenatal appointment. I don't know if we will get more pictures done (probably not) of today's ultrasound. I am very excited to see my little boy again!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

hope you have a great day today. Enjoy your ultrasound and the ladies time... you deserve the treat

Shell said...

Hope everything went well with your appointment!

Andrea said...

I hear you!!! I get comments all the time from people about "how I'll have my hands full" with three young kids...and other similar comments. Sigh. I find it quite annoying actually because I'm EXCITED to have three kids, and I don't really CARE if I have "my hands full" as they say - in fact, I'd rather have my hands full than empty. :) Anyways, I won't rant too much in your comment section! haha. But I hear ya!! Hope your appt. goes well!!

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

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Have a lovely weekend

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