Fun In The Cold


Since moving to MB I have had to get used to the cold. MB and NS have VERY opposite weather. Nova Scotia is mostly surrounded by water, you've got the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic. So the weather stays consistently mild, muggy, frequently rainy and overcast. I really like the rain. But there are also days that are warm, sunny, with a warm breeze constantly. Though in winter the winds off the Bay feel just as cold or even colder than a -40 wind chill in MB.

This post really isn't about weather haha.

But I have to say, this COLD is an adjustment. It is for Jacob too. We're not used to this. I don't want to spend all day inside, we like to find fun things to do outside despite the cold. Having an 8 month old doesn't help either.

We bundle up and go for walks. Go to the sledding hill, the public swimming pool, the library, and yes - to the park.

What fun things do you like to do with the fam. when it's cold out?


Fertility Chick said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures - they are great! I have to say, seeing them reminds me how much I enjoyed the winter when I was younger. Now, I try and hide indoors! While we don't get nearly as cold as MB does here in ON, I can relate to bouts of cold spells and of course snow!

With dogs we still head out to walk them - but with two 'princess' pugs who hate the snow even that gets limited!

The best part though about being out in the cold? Coming home for hot chocolate afterwards! :)

Pamela said...

Okay, that slide and the snow surrounding it makes my ass freeze just looking at it!

Carolina Girl said...

Thanks for the comments about my "Get Out of Debt" posts. I haven't revealed yet how far we have come since last June using Dave Ramseys system but let me just hint that your jaw would drop. It really does work.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like he had fun playing. I can't help with the what to do on a cold day since my cold days are slightly warmer than yours... lol

joeandbridge said...

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Vivianne's Vista said...

I don't like the cold at all! So I stay inside with my fireplace, and hot chocolate.

I have an award for you!

Keira said...

My dad and I go cross-country skiing! I love it. No matter how cold it is outside, you warm up, and feel so alive! Of course sometimes your eyelashes freeze shut. In which case ski goggles might be a good idea.

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