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Every day I am amazed by the differences between Jacob and Riley. I always knew children develop at different rates. I have seen it. I have witn
essed it first hand as a teacher. Students all of the same age not just cognitively different, but physically different. Some looked like they could be in several grades lower and some looked like they could be in higher grades.


It is so incredible seeing the differences in your own children. Here are a few of the differences I have noticed.

Jacob: The day Jacob was born he not only was physically heavier at his birth weight, he was holding his head up and responding to all the sounds around him. The doctors and nurses all said I gave birth to a 4 month old. Was walking by 9 months - which is hard to believe seeing as Riley is almost 8 months and still hasn't even crawled ....he drags himself all over the house in seconds. Jacob was shorter, plumper, calmer more content temperament. Jacob loves entertaining himself, and can play for hours finding things to explore and learn. For Jacob's first Christmas we got him a chalk board with the alphabet on it! It seems ridiculous to do that now for Riley.


He is my true baby. I feel like I never had this stage with Jacob. He is fussy, whiny, and.....mostly just baby like. That is the only way I can describe it.
He is taller, slimmer, weighs less He loves to cuddle. Jacob was always pulling back wanting to look at everything Riley wants to be held ALL the time. Jacob loved his baby swing - Riley not so much.

Another big difference that I see is that Riley loves to talk and make noises. He has said several words already. The usuals: Mom, dad, bottle etc.
But Jacob.....he took a longggg time to find the interest in talking.

I love my 2 boys and I love their differences. I wouldn't say one is more 'intelligent' than the other....just in different ways. Jacob was more of a problem solver, loves working with his hands, doing puzzles. Riley is my social, talkative boy who is content taking his time. Obviously it helps that he has a big brother entertaining him and talking to him all day, but I think their personalities would have been the same even if Riley had of been born first and Jacob second.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

it's always cray to step back and think about how different my boys are, especially since they are close in age. It's great that you see the positives in each

Carolina Girl said...


I only have one child so hard to compare. But I imagine it would be fun to do so. I know everyone else in my family who has more than one child (which is everyone) is constantly comparing, so I get to enjoy it vicariously through them.

Ute said...

I couldn't agree more!

Just look at us. Twins, just 10 minutes apart, two girls and they are soo different. And not just, that they don't look alike. They have their own personality. that is different from the other, they have soooo different needs and tastes...

I think it is great to explore the differences between our children, they are are unique.

Viele Grüße von Ute

3LittleMonkeys said...

Yes! I notice the same differences in my 2 boys. Even my 3rd is different from his 2 older brothers! Just wait until you have your 3rd, you'll really notice that birth order plays a part in their personalities!

The Mommyologist said...

I always wonder how different my second child will be if I'm lucky enough to be blessed with one. Time will tell!

Dimes2Vines said...

I have 10 children and they are ALL different! Amazing they came out of the same 2 parents!

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