Baby Fever???


I have been blogging for a LONG time now. Over four years. It doesn't feel like it has been that long, but when I began blogging, most if not all of my blog friends - including myself had one child. We were a group of first time young moms showing off our cute little children :)


I'm not kidding, SO MANY of my blogger buddies are expecting their third child! Not to mention the ones who just had children.

Here are just a few examples:

Feel free to check them out and congratulate them. I am sure they would appreciate it!

If you're expecting either your first, second or third or more child please feel free to announce it again here.

I know we're all young moms in the 'baby making' stage of life, but I feel so blessed to be pregnant at the same time as so many wonderful people. Even though it is just through blog land, it is fun to share with each other. It does seem funny to think that it is contagious - I'm kidding, I know it is a personal choice in a lot of cases to have another.....or in my case - completely UNEXPECTED!

I am amazed. I never in a million years ever thought I would have three children. Now I have to learn how to blog about me and ALL my kids. I admit, it was easier just to do a post about one. Time to change how I look at blogging.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

no baby fever here... 2 kiddos is more than enough for me (o:

Kristy said...

Here to follow you from Friday Follow! :)

Kristy from

mykidsarefun said...

I have two and would love another but we don't have the resourses right now :(

Found you through Friday Follow! Great blog, I'm now a Google Friend Connect Follower! :)

Visiting from My Kids Are Fun!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Congrats on baby number 3! I'm a mom to three boys myself and three is a blessing but I am DONE having babies! All boys makes Mommy go loco!! haha

Following from Follow Friday! It is nice to meet you!!

Maureen said...

No baby fever here either, five is enough for me. Plus I'm not a young mom anymore, even if I do have a young toddler (I just have good reproductive genes). Congrats to everyone else though!

Felissa Hadas said...

Stopping by to say hello with Friday Follow. Hope you have an amazing weekend with your family and friends.

Please stop by my new blog:
and my business blog:

Carrie said...

Aw, thanks for the mention! :) I am loving having two kids - and I loved the post about how different your two boys are - my kids are completely different, too. :)

~Shelley~ said...

I have 3 beautiful healthy kids (16, 10 & 5). I'm done :)

Catching up from Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower! Love for you to come visit me!

~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

Debbie said...

I wish blogging had been around when mine were small. What great support we have on here.

Amanda Sikes said...

I have baby fever but no baby brewing as of yet. All in God's timing. Thanks for following my blog at Our Heart and Home. I can't wait to read more of your blog and get to know you better. I love my blogging momma friends!

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