Since Riley turned 6 months we have been introducing solids. We started with rice cereal, then we expanded to barley, wheat and oat cereal. I haven't tried any of the mixed cereals yet, just single grains.

Then, after a few weeks we gave him some squash. I peel it, and boil it all up till soft then put a little formula in it then blend it in my magic bullet. I LOVE it! It works so well for big or small jobs.

I know some who just use food from their own plates, but it is very rare that I cook potatoes, carrots etc. without adding other milk, butter or seasonings. I know I could probably set some aside, but I like the fact that I can do a big batch then freeze it in ice cube trays in the freezer.
I also keep a few empty food jars that I had with Jacob. That way if I am on the go I throw a cube or two in a jar. SO easy. and honestly I don't want to have to be interrupted every meal preparing little bits of food when I can make a lot all at once.

I have also tried carrots and I just bought a sweet potato that is sitting on my counter ready to be boiled. I love trying new vegetables. Some have told me to give him regular mashed potatoes but there are hardly any nutrients in a white potato than the nice bright colored vegetables like carrots, sweet potato and squash.

I have seen others recently blend lasagna (filled with cheese, cottage cheese, noodles, seasonings, FAT and a whole lot of other things) to a baby younger than Riley. I have also recently seen someone give their baby younger than Riley ice cream. *cringing. I guess I like to stick to what is recommended. So far Riley has been loving everything. It hasn't been much, maybe 1-2 table spoons at most at a time.

Looking forward to introducing fruit in the near future. Starting with bananas.

Were there any foods your children loved in their first months of eating solids?


Amy said...

Hello there! Thanks for the comment on my blog this week.
My son is 15 but when he was a baby I made all his food too, despite the fact that I worked full time. It's just something I wanted to do to start him out eating healthy solid foods and not the processed jarred stuff. I think his favorite was sweet potatoes that I would thin with milk or a little apple juice. I froze his food in ice cube trays too and sent it to his babysitter each day. I think my mid-late 20s is when I started learning to cook if only to make his food for him. It was certainly worth it.

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