Sharing A Room


I am quite surprised how the transition of sharing a room went. We moved in on Nov. 1st and had the crib set up shortly after. Every night Jacob would ask if Riley would sleep in it and was disappointed every time it didn't happen. It made me glad because it let me know Jacob really wanted to have a room with Riley.

I have quite a few 'goals' if you want to call it that of things I want to accomplish before #3 comes and putting the boys in the same room was one of them.

Riley has always slept in mine and Ryan's room. We could talk for hours every night and it wouldn't wake him up. This helps because Jacob does quietly leave to go to the bathroom, but the noise doesn't seem to bother Riley.

Riley was all smiles when we made the transition. It was almost as if he knew this was a special room because it was Jacob's. Jacob's bed/toys are on the left and Riley's is on the right. Though, I am sure Jacob's track will almost always be over the floor. I want to get an extra remote so they both can have one to use.

There are toys all over the house, I wanted half upstairs for Jacob to have toys to play with when Riley was napping and the rest in their room downstairs. So far it is going really well and they are both loving it. Thank goodness! Can't believe it has been a month already since they moved in together!

I know I have said it before, but I want to attempt to blog a little more often. Riley is almost 7 months old and I hardly take near as many pictures as I did of Jacob. Blogging has always inspired me to take pictures much more often.


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