Pregnancy Update - Month 3


This third pregnancy has been going really well so far. Other than the occasional bouts of morning sickness, usually triggered by not eating or unpleasant smells. But it is much better this time around. With Riley and Jacob I was on medication for morning sickness because I couldn't keep anything down and didn't want another emergency visit to the hospital for being dehydrated. I can't believe how quickly the second trimester is approaching.

Since I moved to MB I was in search of a doctor. There were h
ardly any doctors in my area that were taking on new patients so I took the first one I could find. After my first prenatal visit with him Ryan and I knew....for various reasons that he wasn't the doctor for me. So we switched. I am sooooo glad. Thankfully we were able to get on with another doctor nearby without having to drive all the way into Winnipeg.

My ultra sound has been booked for Feb. 23. I can't wait! The reason being R
yan and I are booked to go here: once we have the medical ultrasound done. U C Baby is not a medical ultrasound but used purely for entertainment/bonding. Since this is the last pregnancy I will ever have we want to experience as much as we possibly can. Check the site out! I haven't seen anything like it, and it's right in Winnipeg.

We will be finding out the sex when we go to U C Baby. Then I can figure out which things I have left to get ready for baby #3. If it is another boy then I am all set. Riley has so many clothes that he has outgrown, they never stay in one size for very long and if it is a girl then the biggest thing we would need is clothes. As for names we are 100% decided for both boys and girls names. Yes, it is on the same list I made when I was pregnant with Riley. I will give my next pregnancy update after my next prenatal appointment which is Feb. 9th.


Cindi said...

Hi. I'm a bit of a lurker and thought I'd finally comment! You and I are in almost the exact same boat!!! Jacob is only a couple months older than my Chloe, Riley is only 2 weeks older than my Tristan, and you are about 5 weeks further along than I am! I can sympathize with everything you are going through, though I am slightly jealous! I am just as sick this time around as I was with my other two!! Can't wait to read more!!

Andrea said...

Wow...month 3 already! I'm so glad that you're not having as many issues with morning sickness this time around! And that U C Baby place looks so cool! I just found out the gender of our baby today - I'm sure you'll read about it on my blog so I won't spoil it for you by writing it here. :)

Maureen said...

I had an ultrasound like that with Vivi because of my age and refusal to have an anmio. I thought it was cool, but none of our family liked the photos, which kind of bummed us. What is that thing that Riley is sitting in? It looks really cute and practical!

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