Off To The Airport!


My parents have flown in from NS to visit for a week. We have been getting caught up on a lot of chores around the house. I feel like no matter how much I do in a day it manages to get ahead of me.

How do you keep up on everything? I have watched a few cleaning tips on TV etc. and it usually says when house keeping choose one task. For example, choose one room - like the bathrooms. Get that room done completely then go on to the next room. That way you feel like you accomplished something, rather than a lot of little things all over the house. All I have left is lots and lots of folding and hanging up clothes.

I do the usuals daily like sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes, tables, counter tops. Then there is the cloth diapers which I do pretty much every other day. It does a full size laundry load so I don't like to wait till the diapers pile up any more than that.

Laundry always piles up so quickly.

There are even things that Jacob loves to pitch in a helping hand. I like to give him a few responsibilities now that he is almost 5. He usually clears his dishes from the table, helps clean up his toys with me, puts away garbage. He likes to grab Riley's diaper for me when I am changing him. What are other ways your children like to help out?

Well, I'm off to the airport! The roads are TERRIBLE and the visibility is poor so it will slow driving.


Andrea said...

I know what you mean about laundry piling up...I just get the laundry basket empty and it's full again! Oh well. :) Hmmm...Tate helps out by doing all the things you said Jacob does - he also helps me by getting things for Emily sometimes - like if Emily wants her milk or juice sippy from the fridge he'll get it for her. And recently I've started to get him to set the table. I just put all the plates, bowls, etc. on the counter and he moves them to the table and puts them at everyone's spots...he's actually pretty good at it! :)

Hope you had a safe trip to and back from the airport!! We're having a HUGE blizzard here too right now...tons and tons and tons of snow!

Ute said...

Ohh, how wonderful you have your parents around. I think you will have a great time and enjoy yourself.

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The tips made a diffrence for me even if I'm not following every single advice. It just makes you fell that everything is under control. Check it out, perhaps ther is some tip for you.

Viele Grüße von

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