Riley has been enjoying his bumbo seat. Some days I leave the tray on while he is playing with his toys and some days I leave it off. Riley just loves being near Jacob. Now Riley can sit up rather than laying on his back on the floor.

Here are a few great features: (Info from this site)

On the Beach or Park
Seat Upright + Standing Position
Perfect for Feeding
No Straps or Fasteners
Visiting Friends, Family
Comfortable & Soft
Attending to more than one child or twins
Unique new design in baby care products

Medically Approved

Suggested Age (3 months to 14 months)
Hands free baby care
Soft & Comfortable
Family Bonding
Lightweight Portable - Durable (easy maintenance)
Safety and Security


Carrie said...

That would be a nice thing to have! I may have to look for one for my daughter!!! :)

Maureen said...

Howdy! Sorry I have been AWOL. We got bad colds and then I have been trying to catch up since. He sure is a cutie, I can't believe how he has grown! Persephone wouldn't have anything to do with the Bumbo. She would pull of the tray in a second and then start arching her back until she fell out of it. We gave up on it after about two weeks. We did use the Boppy some. Fortunately, she did everything VERY early, so it wasn't much of an issue (well, the needing a Bumbo, the babyproofing and exhaustion from chasing her were an issue).

Drea said...

im a big fan of the bumbo :) we have the lionheart one tho from target, very similar tho! i think mines called the bebepod.

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