See You Soon!


Our internet service provider is having difficulties giving remote locations internet access so I have been without internet access for over 4 days! They refunded us and said we could try re-connecting through another company in a few weeks. BUT since we're moving we decided not to bother with switching to another company if it was just going to be a few days before our move anyway.

I am using a friends computer and don't know when I'll have internet access again. I will try to post at least once more before the move. That way I can get Ryan to post a picture of the baby when he/she arrives. Nothing happening yet :s Please keep me and my family in your prayers while we anticipate our new arrival. I will be back to blog land as soon as I can, once I am more settled after the move. See you soon - I will miss you!

Also, for those of you who follow GLIMPSE - I will not be posting current giveaways in the top left hand side column of my blog until I get back. But there are still giveaways - you'll just have to check the GLIMPSE site directly to view the latest giveaways!


Maureen said...

Good luck with the baby and the move! You already were in my thoughts and prayers. I wondered if you had the baby early. I'm glad it was your internet provider and not something wrong.

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