Wordless Wed.



Carrie said...

So cute - he seems so little in there - is this a toddler bed or a twin? We're debating about what to get Z for this fall before the baby comes! :)

Shanilie said...

It is a toddler bed. He was in it at about age 11/2 and has loved it, makes bed changes very easy and the crib mattress fits it and covered in plastic for those occasional accidents. So he's definitely had a few good years out of it. Jacob will definitely need a twin bed before his 5th birthday for sure.

Maureen said...

He does look so tiny in there! Is he curled up? I don't know how kids can stand sleeping with a blanket on their heads. My son (10) loves to pull the blanket over his head. It makes me claustrophobic just thinking about it! Two of my kids sleep quite normally, but that son and my daughter (16) are quite curious to observe sleeping. My daughter will fall asleep in the strangest places and moves around a ton and will wake with her head at the other end of the bed! She's the one that didn't sleep with us ever because she started crawling at 3 months and would crawl off the bed w/o understanding what happened. The few times I shared a bed with her (on vacation or something), she would kick me sooooo hard!

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