Wordless Wed. His Favorite Thing To Do


He will make piles of rocks for his Thomas trains. He will sit on the driveway for ages talking out loud and making up little stories as he plays. He gets SO creative, other times it sounds like direct lines from his Thomas shows. When he comes in he is covered in dirt from head to toe. Thank goodness for bath time.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that's too funny... looks like he's having a great time exploring

Tina said...

When my boys come in dirty from having fun outside, I like to remind myself that it is better than having them sit in front of the T.V.

Carrie said...

This is so fun. My son loves to run around, and climb up & down porch steps (We have none inside), and his favorite activity is throwing rocks into the creek - it's so fun to make big splashes! :)

Maureen said...

What fun! I miss when my son was that age and played with his Thomas trains much in the same way. He used to call his colors the names of the trains (i.e Henry meant green, James red, Gordon blue...).

Devoted Mama said...

Aww, look @ him~he's so cute & has grown SO much! It looks like he's having a blast!

We have a little hill on the right side of our house where we planted grass seed 4 years ago when we built our house & the grass won't grow there because of the rain. Anyway, there's RED dirt all on that hill & that's Kendall's FAVE place to play outside~w/his Matchbox cars~much like Jacob w/his Thomas trains ;) He will play there for hours at a time & is covered from head to toe w/that red dirt. If I know we have somewhere to go, I'll tell Kendall to wait to play there, but most times, I just let him go at it because he has SO much fun!

I figure he'll be grown before I know it & will be TOO big for that kind of thing ;)

Great pic :)

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