Random Weekend Thoughts


Random Weekend Thoughts

1. Nope - still no baby

2. Heartburn and hip bones grinding together at full force

3. Took Jacob fishing and have to post pictures soon. He keeps saying everything is "dead" lol just right out of the blue it started.

4. Ultra-sound went well. I measured past 38 weeks so I guess the baby is growing. Waiting till June 4 to get the full report from my ob.

5. Writing a list of questions to ask my ob so I won't forget. This next appointment will be longer than 2 minutes!

6. Keeping the house clean is a never ending task. I think my nesting instinct just faded - or died. Exhausted :s

7. Everyone out here has some sort of flu, even Jacob has been up the last 2 nights. I am praying I won't get it.

8. Can't believe it is JUNE already tomorrow!

9. FINALLY got my contacts! Haven't worn them since university. It will be so nice not to have to fuss with glasses with a new baby and dropping off my face in the dead MB heat in summer lol

10. Wishing I could replace my brand new white filling. Wasn't done properly, but the dentist wants to wait till after the baby is out till she does any sort of freezing. Makes sense, but it is so hard waiting - guess i'll keep chewing on the right side of my mouth.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad things seem to be going well with the pregnancy. I never got the nesting instinct with my pregnancy... I always was the let me rest and sleep type

~Billie~ said...

Uhg! Hope you don't get sick too! Hope Jacob gets better soon, as well. Fishing sounds like fun! I'm hoping to take the boys soon too.

Maureen said...

Why do they have to freeze the filling? I had one that wasn't done properly and I had it redone several times by a few different dentists and it still bugs me. I'm not even going to try again though as there is only so much tooth to work with. Yes, housework is never ending. Around here, it's the dishes, my husband calls it a "Never ending Dish-cious Cycle". :-)

Andrea said...

Oh...not the flu! I'd rather give birth than have the flu! haha...it's true! I hope you don't get it though...and yep, I'm still waiting to meet your little baby too!

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