Random Weekend Thoughts


Random Weekend Thoughts

1. I have been having a ton of pressure lately on my pubic bone. Wondering if the baby has dropped? OFFICIALLY 37 WEEKS TODAY!

2. Every room in the house is cleaned and packed. It is shocking how much stuff a person accumulates in 2 years. We went out and took a huge pile of things to the junk yard. It was fun!

3. Been loving the +30C weather. The sun is gorgeous and the apple blossoms are finally in full bloom.

4. I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. Ryan's first weekend off/home in over a month.

5. Why is it that I wake up every morning at 4AM when I am pregnant? I feel tired - I am just awake.

6. Current craving - pancakes

7. Oh and in case I didn't mention it earlier - RYAN GOT THE TEACHING JOB HE WAS INTERVIEWED FOR!!! Now we will have full-benefits: medical/dental/paid snow days/sick days and paid over holidays like summer/xmas and March break & our moving costs we can claim on our income tax! Woohoo! SUCH an answer to prayer!

8. Getting tired of "living in limbo" - a saying Ryan and I have joked about for months. Counting down the days till our move. Can I mention again "I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!"

9. I am having a huge hankering to go garage-saleing. But I guess I'll have to wait till after we move.

10. Wondering if I should get bangs? Contemplating a new hair color/look for my new found freedom after the move.

This verse has been sticking out to me lately: Isaiah 53:3. Really good article here.

"He was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not"


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad to hear things worked out for your husband's job... that must make it a bit easier to live in the craziness of a move

Andrea said...

+30!!! You're so lucky! Today it was supposed to be +23 but I don't think it quite got there...but it's ok. We were loving the fact that it was semi-warm and not snowing! haha. And that's SOOO great that Ryan got the job he was interviewed for!! Yipee!!!!

Maureen said...

Awesome on the job!!!!! I can't believe you guys are packed already, you are so on top of things! I had that pelvic pressure/pain also. It went away some, but then she moved up under my ribs. The rib pain lasted until the end of the pregnancy. I still can "feel" the rib pain, that was the worst discomfort I had with any of them. Not suggesting you'll get that, she just carried kind of weird that way. She actually engaged and then popped out, so she was moving all over the place.

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