Random Weekend Thoughts


Random Weekend Thoughts

1. I am really not liking my OB

2. Ryan is in MB for interviews for 4 days. Will be home Wed.

3. Interviews are a bitter sweet time

4. Seems to rain every May long weekend.

5. Have to send off some thank you cards.

6. I was told I needed to have another ultra sound within the next week.

7. Turning in bed is very difficult at this point.

8. I should get out of the habit of having pizza for supper every Friday evening. Our little indulgence day.

9. I love the little things: like when Jacob pulls a daffodil from the outdoor flower garden picking flowers for Mom. Melts my heart. I mean, where did he learn/get the idea to give flowers?

10. I love hanging clothes on the clothes line.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

you're getting so close.. hope your u/s goes well and enjoy pizza a few more Fridays (o:

Andrea said...

Yeah, it's supposed to rain here tomorrow too! Plus we also have SNOW on the ground...yeah, snow! Crazy!

Maureen said...

I'm sorry that you do not like your OB. I'm not sure how that works in Canada, do you get to pick your OB or is one assigned to you? My babies cannot tolerate me eating dairy for the first three months, so I always try to enjoy eating pizza at the end of my pregnancy, but it does get uncomfortable. When I was pregnant with Persephone, I just couldn't do it.

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