Pregnancy Week 34


I can't believe it is May already! This pregnancy has flown by. It has been such a blessing and a joy and I can't help but smile. I frequently look at all of the baby things that seem to accumulate so quickly. Even yesterday I had a lady from the community drop off a baby gift. I am quite excited not knowing what the sex is this time around and all the yellow baby things are really growing on me. I love the color yellow. I am still peeing all day and all through the night and the baby seems to never stop kicking these days. My belly is massive now and I feel like I have finally started my pregnancy waddle when I walk.

Ryan ordered a book for men that I had no idea about until I saw it when it arrived in the mail. It is a pregnancy book written specifically for men about how they can get involved, how to assist mommy with various pregnancy symptoms and just to educate them on pregnancy in general. It made me melt :D I love that he can occasionally do spontaneous things. My hips still ache and I am not sleeping a whole lot at night. I am lucky to get 5-6 hours. My family amazes me. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

I want to thank everyone for their water suggestions. It has really helped! I went out and bought several lemons. I LOVE it. The smell and the look and even a hint of taste makes water drinking much more exciting. I am also going to invest in a snow cone machine. I saw an affordable on in the Sears catalog for little children :D hehe. I love eating ice!


Lori said...

getting exciting! Can't wait to find out what you have and what you name him/her

~Billie~ said...

How exciting!
When I was pregnant, I craved ice. The best ice in town comes from the local movie theater, so hubby would always go in for me and ask for a cup of ice. They probably thought he was insane. LOL!
I also invested in a snowcone machine. Yum!!

Maureen said...

The snow cone machine is a good idea! We bought an icee machine AFTER I was pregnant. Being pregnant at your stage is so darn uncomfortable and wonderful at the same time. The aches really got to me with Persephone. She was up in my ribs, but also on my bladder at the same time. It ends up that she has a very long torso, which is how she pulled off that little trick.

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