Dressing & Un-dressing


Day to day I think I put Jacob's pants on a hundred plus times a day. It's not that he doesn't know how. He usually dresses himself. But any time he goes to the washroom, or gets the slightest bit of anything on his shirt he starts taking off his clothes. Now, I know he would love to run around naked all day if I let him. I am just constantly turning around and noticing some article of clothing - if not all have been removed. I say over and over again Jacob put your pants back on, Jacob, where did you put your shirt. And the laundry piles up so fast because he ends up putting on several outfits/day. lol

I really don't mind. But with only having one month of pregnancy left, reminding and changing can get exhausting. I am glad when he is all dressed nice for the day.....but it never lasts long! lol He can go outside and play in the sand, and gravel with his trucks and have dirt from head to toe. He usually ends up having a bath EVERY evening. Think he needs a second spring jacket. One for keeping nice, the other as a grubby play jacket.


~Billie~ said...

We have that problem here at my house - the laundry piling up. My boys are often changing clothes, trying to find the latest Superhero disguise. Or playing outside and coming in a complete mess. That's probably why laundry is my least favorite chore - there is SO much!

Tina said...

Kids are definitely job creators. But you love them and would find life boring without them.

Maureen said...

My ten-year-old son constantly took off his clothes also. We have so many pictures of him in just undies or undies and a t-shirt. Finally, around his 10th birthday, he started caring about being seen undressed and now always has his clothes on. Socks, of course, do not count, and can be found in many odd places in our home. It's nice to not be dealing with the battles to have him decent, but I kind of miss my little nakie boy.

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